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Posted: 12/11/04 08:45 PM
Author: Roger
Location: NY, USA
Posts: 85


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Congrats.... and Celebrity Cruises (Cirque Soleil) commercial
Congrats on the new site, I suspect this'll be a welcome addition. There's a lot of great music that's plugged into TV commercials these days, but credit is never (or rarely) given to the artists. Why is that? It's not like it's old music that's public domain or anything like that.

Anyway, a couple of us were looking for the music behind the Celebrity Cruises TV commercial for Cirque du Soleil, and someone mentioned that it was Alberto Iglesias from the soundtrack to "Sex and Lucia". Just wanted to mention that I got the CD today, and they were right on target. The soundtrack is outta sight, if you like that sort of music.

Good luck with the new site. I'll be checking in!
-- Roger

Posted: 12/12/04 08:07 PM
Author: Danno (Moderator)
Location: Mid Continent
Posts: 141


Congrats.... and Celebrity Cruises (Cirque Soleil) commercial
Yeah, commercials seem to be a pretty hot topic on the board these days.


Aaron From OHWC
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