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Posted: 03/06/07 11:51 AM
Author: t.mcfaddin
Location: michigan
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??old "Natural Woman" hair color commercial??
Does anyone know what the name was of the hair color that had that old ad where the woman was dancing around her house in her husbands shirt singing carol kings "natural woman"? Then her husband walks in the room and watches her without her knowing and when she sees him she gets embaressed and says "David!!" I know this is a paragraph of run-on sentances...sorry...bare with me :)
I wanted to find that clip and show it to my mother (a related insident involving her and my father)

Thanks :)

Posted: 04/29/09 12:39 PM
Author: danandalyssa
Location: whatever
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??old ''Natural Woman'' hair color commercial??
Was talking about this commercial, stumbled across your questions, and eventually found it on youtube... apparently, it was debra messing (and she shouts "steven!" not david)


Aaron From OHWC
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