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Posted: 06/27/07 08:54 AM
Author: AKay
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Does anyone remember this Nike commercial?
New to the forum, hello all :)

It's a Nike commercial I have seen in 2003 that played very often on MTV Italy. It goes like this: there's just a dancer filling the screen, wearing funky clothes. The music starts and he starts break dancing very sharply, and keeps it up, does all the moves and then stands up and stares again and the music stops. I found it very catchy and very effective, have looked for it ever since. What's special is the attitude of the guy, the music, the beat and the way the message is delivered.

The music is catchy with these words "xxx the beat xxx on the NY streets" with increasing music. Some more details: they guy was wearing red, and the background was dark.

Anyone knows it?

Aaron From OHWC
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