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Posted: 07/01/07 12:39 PM
Author: morbidkitty
Location: here
Posts: 17


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Saving Grace
does anyone know the song used in the ad for Saving Grace with Holly Hunter? i don't know the title.


Posted: 07/01/07 07:09 PM
Author: racer
Location: alabama
Posts: 228


Saving Grace
The only one I've seen is "Amazing Grace" by Leanne Rimes. Is that it? If not, do have any lyrics, genre, gender, etc?
Posted: 07/04/07 02:21 AM
Author: Dane
Posts: 2


Saving Grace
This may have been LeAnn Rimes but sounds a lot like Eva Cassidy.
Posted: 07/16/07 01:17 AM
Author: reddawg
Location: Minnesota
Posts: 1


Saving Grace
I think that the song is the dixie chicks "not ready to make nice"
Posted: 07/26/07 12:05 AM
Author: tehendle
Location: USA
Posts: 2


Saving Grace
That's exactly who it is...Dixie Chicks..."I'm not Ready to Make Right"

Aaron From OHWC
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