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Posted: 07/24/07 12:07 PM
Author: sbaynes
Location: Vancouver
Posts: 10


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New Bacardi Commercial Song
wondering what the song is in the new bacardi commercial, kinda house music ish, and in the commercial theres to diff colour liquids kinda in the shap of people mixing, for bacardi superior, thx for any help.

Posted: 08/17/07 01:39 AM
Author: LancerReiNi
Location: NYC
Posts: 1


New Bacardi Commercial Song
I'm from the States, the latest commercial for Bacardi is playing "Galvanize" by Chemical Brothers. Hope this helps.
Posted: 11/16/07 11:42 AM
Author: Geusie
Location: Amsterdam
Posts: 1


New Bacardi Commercial Song
I am looking for the same song! I am pretty sure it's not Galvanize by the Chemical Brothers.

Does anyone have a clue? Pretty cool house/percussion song. It's a commercial for Bacardi Mix It, 2 persons made out of liquids dancing!
Posted: 08/06/08 08:09 AM
Author: xRoflwtf
Location: California
Posts: 1


New Bacardi Commercial Song
For the people made out of liquid dancing, I would suggest Googling Lalula by Super Bajo. That's what I found for the liquid dancing. But I'm from the states, so the newest commercial for me is Bacardi Mojito. And the song from that is called The Muddle, more commonly known as the Mojito song. And you can find a legal download for the mojito song by Googling it.

Hope this helps.

Aaron From OHWC
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