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Posted: 08/02/07 12:40 AM
Author: Got2BCool4795
Location: Anytown, Anystate
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I saw this Honda commercial...
I saw this Honda Civic commercial, (can't remember what i was watching) but the commercial went like this: A lady and a man were in a car and he's trying to make a move on her, and then he does, but the lady taps the man's shoulder and turns him toward the back seat, where a little boy is sitting. During this whole commercial, there's a song playing and it went "Sexy, sexy, sexy boy" to a clubbish or an electronic beat, and that's as far as the song goes and the commercial ends. I have been wondering what this song is for months, and I've searched for it on Google and Dogpile, and my results haven't turned up any good. For one thing I know, is that the song is
Sexy Boy by Air. So that is not it. I want to know what this song is.

Aaron From OHWC
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