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Posted: 08/27/05 06:01 PM
Author: xBloodyx
Location: usa
Posts: 3


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Chef Boyardee song
It's the commercial where the kid jumps really high, and the song sound like an old 1920's song. A line is: "There are strange things happening everyday."

Anyone know what the song is?

Posted: 09/20/05 04:48 PM
Author: T3RR0R
Location: Whittier, CA
Posts: 1


Chef Boyardee song
Yeah, who sings that song anyway? It's a catchy tune; is it old?
Posted: 12/24/05 03:21 PM
Author: timsexton
Location: earth
Posts: 1


Chef Boyardee song
The song is called Strange Things Happening Everyday by Rosetta Tharpe.
Posted: 12/27/05 06:00 PM
Author: rocky wiseman
Location: alberta
Posts: 2


Chef Boyardee song
The Chef Boyardee song is sung by Gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe . You can find her at Amazon.Many albums to choose from including this number.Also a great guitar player, big influance for Chuck Berry. ROCKY WISEMAN

Aaron From OHWC
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