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Posted: 09/13/05 11:20 AM
Author: luckyroots112
Location: USA
Posts: 1


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Burger King football Commercial
wats the music in the new Burger King commercial where the king intercepts the ball. i know its like some old classics sports song. please help

Posted: 09/14/05 11:13 AM
Author: josh1001uary
Location: texas
Posts: 9


Burger King football Commercial
I dunno the exact name of the song, but it's definitely from NFL Films. They had their own composer for the show, so that music is instantly recognizable.

Amazon has the box set of all the music from NFL Films right ... here
Posted: 09/19/05 05:53 PM
Author: Murfshay22
Location: Holden, MA
Posts: 1


Burger King football Commercial
The name of the song is "Round Up" (I'm listening to it as we speak... well, I speak... type...). anyway, the CD is called "Power and the Glory: Music & Voices of NFL Films". Overall, this is an excelent CD. enjoy

Aaron From OHWC
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