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Posted: 09/26/07 05:36 PM
Author: huntrjumpr109
Location: California
Posts: 1


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Dentyne Ice commercial song
The newest Dentyne commercial starts out with a cartoon princess (i think thats what she is) and she kisses a toad and it turns in to the prince and blah blah blah, anyone know what song it is that they used?

Posted: 09/26/07 11:19 PM
Author: racer
Location: alabama
Posts: 228


Dentyne Ice commercial song
The "talk on the street" credits the song, titled "Stuttering", to the band Ben's Brother. No info on a release date though the song is currently being performed in concerts. Sounds reasonable to me.

Posted: 11/20/07 02:30 PM
Author: twistertori26
Location: USA
Posts: 4


Dentyne Ice commercial song
I couldnt find there real myspace but heres the song:

Posted: 12/20/07 01:15 AM
Author: maekawaii
Location: USA
Posts: 2


Dentyne Ice commercial song
Posted: 03/16/08 08:08 PM
Author: lilianna11111
Location: montreal canada
Posts: 1


Dentyne Ice commercial song
the song is called stuttering and its by a band called Ben's Brother

its been released as a single, and you can find it on iTunes :)


(i think everyone has a crush on this dentyne song lol)

Aaron From OHWC
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