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Posted: 10/23/07 09:14 PM
Author: songster
Location: USA
Posts: 2


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Sopranos DVD commercial
Does anyone know the song being played in the new commercial selling the finale season of Sopranos? It is mostly piano. thanks!!

Posted: 10/24/07 04:54 PM
Author: racer
Location: alabama
Posts: 228


Sopranos DVD commercial
I saw an ad last evening and it featured the song "Wrapped In My Memory" by Shawn Smith. Nice tune with a lot of piano. It was also one of the many songs used in the series. Hope that's what you're looking for.
Posted: 12/02/08 04:49 AM
Author: shoron
Location: portland, OR USA
Posts: 21


Sopranos DVD commercial
The newest ad has a Delta-blues singer singing "It's bad, you know!", accented with a hot blues-harp. Any info on this one?

Aaron From OHWC
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