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Posted: 12/08/07 11:35 PM
Author: MandyWhat
Location: United States
Posts: 26


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real world sydney question
DOes anyone know the song or the Artist playing in Episode #19 of (MTV's Real World Sydney) During the scene where Parissa spontanieously jumps into a water foutain and splashes around and then gets out and hugs her roommate Isaac????

Posted: 01/06/08 03:28 PM
Author: pema08
Location: Florida
Posts: 2


real world sydney question
I searched all over for you to no avail. Here's a link to the show if someone else wants to search.


It's a female lead singer, but doesn't sound like any group I know. The chorus goes "baby it's alright," or "baby it's so right." I searched for both. Perhaps if someone could figure out the verse lyrics (she mumbles), a search might come out better.

Aaron From OHWC
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