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Posted: 03/17/08 03:58 PM
Author: Maurice
Location: Moon
Posts: 4


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Radioshack commercial
I know this isn't cell phone related, but this thread is as close as it gets.

Its a old (6 months to a year) radioshack commercial. Has a girlfriend mad at her boyfriend because his apartment is filled with records. She leaves mad for work.

He goes to radioshack, buys a laptop, ipod, ipod player, and some other stuff. Gets to work transfering the music onto a ipod. His girlfriend comes home, happy its all gone, and thats it.

The lyrics are along the lines of "I've done something wrong and I know that you can see(see is pronounced seeee).

The commerical ends with a guy going ohohohoohhh(as radioshack logo displays), in the same voice the song is in.

Posted: 03/17/08 07:03 PM
Author: racer
Location: alabama
Posts: 228


Radioshack commercial
The Easybeats - "Somethin' Wrong"

Aaron From OHWC
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