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Posted: 04/27/08 02:26 PM
Author: fullerj1
Location: USA
Posts: 1


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someone must know... older commercial
Ok the song is From this moment on, by cole porter
but i need to know the person singing the song.
If it helps, the commercial is def before 2005. maybe between 2001-2003. and it played during the summer, during a few tennis tournaments for those who follow??
Ive been looking for years literally!!!
Please someone has to know!!!

Posted: 04/29/09 02:40 AM
Author: Milli-Jo
Location: Northeast
Posts: 16


someone must know... older commercial
Has to be one of these:
Peggy Lee
Rosemary Clooney
OR Steve Lawrence and Eadie Gorme ?

Let me know what you find.

Posted: 06/16/09 09:14 PM
Author: babycarmelita
Location: el paso, tx
Posts: 2


someone must know... older commercial
jimmy sommerville did a version of it (maybe in the 90's).

Aaron From OHWC
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