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Posted: 06/11/08 12:56 AM
Author: SongCurious
Location: USA
Posts: 3


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Cotton's Runway commercial
I don't know if this is really the appropriate place to put this thread, but it seemed the best choice of those available. Around a year ago or so, cotton featured a commercial where the runway models walked out into the street and went about their daily lives. The point was to stress cotton's ability to go from the runway to every day. Anyway, I only recently saw it myself, and I want to find out the name of the song and artist for the music used in the commercial. You can find it on Cotton Inc.'s website here:


and two users have posted it on YouTube:


Even if it's production music not publicly available, I still want to know its identity. Or, if you can suggest a way to hunt down the information myself, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Aaron From OHWC
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