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Posted: 12/12/05 12:01 AM
Author: JustWondering05
Location: USA
Posts: 1


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Trying to find it (HBO Song)
A friend of mines heard a song on HBO. I believe he said it was for Sopranos. Something like, "Breathing In and Breathing Out" What song is it?

Posted: 12/13/05 11:46 PM
Author: kelly21507
Location: USA TEXAS
Posts: 2


Trying to find it (HBO Song)
it's called Breathe me by Sia great song
Posted: 12/18/07 12:41 PM
Location: USA
Posts: 4


Trying to find it (HBO Song)
does anyone know the newest song used as of december of 007. it has words something like

here comes the rest of our lives

lets make the best of today.

if you know what i am talking about, please email me at [email protected] thanks
Posted: 12/18/07 01:26 PM
Author: racer
Location: alabama
Posts: 228


Trying to find it (HBO Song)
To musicgirl: I believe the song you are inquiring about is "Best Days" by the Graham Colton Band. It fits your description and has been playing recently on a couple of other networks.

Aaron From OHWC
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