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Posted: 02/05/10 09:14 PM
Author: kellytong
Location: USA
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Star Trek Voyager--how do you think about it?
At the seventh year of Voyager's journey, a couple of weeks after the ship has severed its last internal tie with the Delta Quadrant (by bidding farewell to Neelix [Ethan Phillips], their seven-year Talaxian cook, morale officer and ambassador of good-will), the crew discovers an interesting nebula that seems to be jam-packed at its core with wormholes that could lead anywhere -- "even your parents' living room," Janeway tells Kim, "so the next time you talk with your mother [via the communications link that Reg Barclay developed last season], tell her to move her sofa out of the way." Unfortunately, the nebula is packed not only with wormholes but with Borg cubes, one of which carries Yet Another Avatar of the Borg Queen (Alice Krige, from First Contact). Reluctantly, Janeway retreats and decides that it is better to continue on the long journey than to be destroyed by the Borg. But she reckons without Janeway, who has spent years developing technologies to make it possible to defeat the Borg and will not take "no" for an answer. Furthermore, in the heart of the nebula is a Borg transwarp hub, a huge nexus of innumerable "transwarp corridors" (which we've seen from time to time in earlier episodes), one of six in the galaxy, which makes it possible for the Borg to spill en masse out of the Delta Quadrant into the Alpha Quadrant, as they have done a couple of times before. If that could be destroyed ...

Aaron From OHWC
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