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Posted: 11/16/08 01:39 AM
Author: carly
Location: australia
Posts: 1


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New Mitsubishi Sportsback Ad, whats the song??????
Hey, does anyone know what the song is on the new mitsubishi sportsback ad palying in Australia at the moment?? I really like it and wanna find what its called? Can anyone help. For info the ad shows them bouncing stuff off the balcony onto a trampoline and into the back of the car, lol.

Posted: 11/17/08 05:17 PM
Author: Lily687
Location: Avebury, Wiltshire
Posts: 1


New Mitsubishi Sportsback Ad, whats the song??????
I sent an e-mail to Mitsubishi Motors themselves and turns out it is called 'Polka' by a Brisbane band called Yves Klein Blue!!
AND I've seen the music clip ages before the ad!
Posted: 07/17/09 11:06 AM
Author: shoron
Location: portland, OR USA
Posts: 21


New Mitsubishi Sportsback Ad, whats the song??????
Do You know the theme of Top Gear?
Posted: 09/14/10 08:44 PM
Author: replica handbags1
Location: english
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