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Posted: 03/23/10 10:34 PM
Author: amina
Location: earth
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so good monk
I was so suprised when it was announced that this would be the final season of the Monk show. It is a huge disappointment to me and my family. Monk is one of the few quality shows out there. We have more channels than we could have ever dreamt of in years past. More channels, but so little to choose from. Of course there is a lot of reality show crap, but little that is of value, mentally stimulating, or entertaining. It just seems a little early to be the final season of Monk. Most television shows that have done well and continue to do so, do not end until the 10 year mark. I understand that Tony Shaloub wants to leave on a high note, as doe most Actors on a hit TV series. In my opinion, the eight season is very premature. There is so much more to tell and it is not going to be told in this final season. I think most fans of Monk were taken by surprise this season. We are left with a huge disappointment and little time to mourn the final days marking the end of Monk. Rather than ending Monk on a high note, for many of us fans...the show is ending on a sorrowful note by the untimely demise of a show that clearly would have had many more wonderful days ahead of it. To many of us, the feeling is similar in nature,(but not nearly as intense) of learning a youthful friend with many years left to live is given a few months to live.... Many of us can relate to the Monk character as a friend. We have all personally had some of his up's and down's. Most of us have had at some point the same loneliness he feels, sadness, the feeling of being an outcast, and more. We empathize with Monk when he feels the same things we have experienced. We are with him each week hoping that he will find his happiness again. Many of us watching the show admire his values of right and wrong. We like to see justice served. We want a fair world and we want to know that the evil are not going to get away with their crimes. When Monk catches the bad guy or gal, we feel satisfaction...knowing there is one less criminal out there...knowing he or she did not get away with their crimes. We want to feel safe in our society. The fantasy of a super detective like Monk being out their to keep us safe eases our minds. As we see him find justice for others, we are hopeful each week that he will find justice for himself and Trudi. It is my hope that Tony Shaloub, the USA Network, and any other principal parties of the show, will see the tremendous outpouring from the viewers and decide to keep Monk on the air for a couple more seasons. USA Network could come back and announce Monk and the viewers were all dreaming...that the show wasn't really ending and extend the show a couple more seasons. It would definitely make a good publicity stunt...if Tony Shaloub and the Network were to changed their minds....



Aaron From OHWC
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