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Posted: 01/06/09 01:45 AM
Author: tglennison
Location: NY
Posts: 1


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Need Help getting a Tune
Hey guys.... this is a tough one... I don't remember the artist, name of song, or what the commercial is for, but the commercial is a younger guy singing as he is walking through the streets... it vaguely seems like it could be for Itunes or something like that... the sound of the music is somehwere in between pop-altenative-acoustic, and the artists name is something boring like Matthew Nathanson, or something plain and simple like that. The chorus lyrics may include some variation of this " So when you rock, rock, rock, While I roll, roll, roll". I know its a shot in the dark here, but finding this song has really been consuming way too much of time. thanks alot guys!

Aaron From OHWC
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