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Posted: 06/03/10 02:29 AM
Author: catherineheep45
Location: usa
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carol burnett tv show

From the early days of the Middle Ages, one thing has been a constant in our outlook the world. There's one thing that very few English speaking inhabitants of the world can't claim they haven't been affected by. Shakespeare. His varying array of work is enough to inspire and affect just about anyone. Of his great library of work, one of the most commonly adapted and reinvented is that of Macbeth. Great Samurai epics have been done, cartoons have been rendered, and comedic representations have been crafted. Along comes Billy Morissete, a newcomer to the writer/director world of [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett dvd box set[/url]. He brings along with him the story of Macbeth, retold in the 70's with a fast food restaurant as the kingdom in [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett season 5[/url], and a pair of aspiring fast food workers as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. This black comedy is a fine [url=http://www.jaxjade.com/Carol-Burnett-Show]carol burnett complete series[/url] on the old tale, and brings along with it a funny in[url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett season 7[/url]t into the backstabbing, over dramatized world of food workers.

This story has all the classic characters that'll you recognize from the classic tragic [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett box set[/url]. The role of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth being [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett complete dvd[/url]ed by a couple of fast-food workers married and unhappy with their positions in life. You can't forget [url=http://www.jaxjade.com/Carol-Burnett-Show]carol burnett season 1[/url]quo, now played by a slightly dim-witted co[url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett season 1[/url]er of the Macbeth's. There's Duncan, the owner of the fast food establishment, MacDuff, played masterfully by Christopher [url=http://www.jaxjade.com/Carol-Burnett-Show]carol burnett tv[/url]en, modernized up as an out of state cop come to investigate the first murder and a trio of auspiciously airheaded hippies as the classic troupe that invades and infects Macbeth's mind. All together, this modernized cast is [url=http://www.jaxjade.com/Carol-Burnett-Show]carol burnett complete dvd[/url]ped into a small [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett tv[/url]n in Pennsylvania, know as Scotland, PA. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Morissete spared no expense in getting all the names right. The best part of all though is the way in which he is able to keep the entire thing comedic a[url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett tv show[/url] the way. Not a simple plan in such a blood stained [url=http://www.jaxjade.com/Carol-Burnett-Show]carol burnett set[/url].

Various puns are [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett complete set[/url] throughout the movie, referencing other fast food giants that you can p[url=http://www.jaxjade.com/Carol-Burnett-Show]carol burnett episode guide[/url]ably imagine [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]Carol Burnett on dvd[/url] with "Mc". Not to mention, throughout the whole of the story, all the little Macbeth quirks are left intact, and fully translated into the 70s and a fast food atmosphere. The darkness of the comedy is only fitting considering the source [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett complete collection[/url]rial, and the way it is portrayed is masterful. The great [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett complete box set[/url]ance by Walken in the role McDuff, is extraordinary.

Of course, at [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett & friends[/url] s this movie feels a bit strained, and the comedy that is [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett episodes[/url]d to be keeping it light is forgotten for periods of time. The source for Morisette's comedy though, is in the many oddball things he throws in, making a seamless story [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett set[/url] into your mind alongside a picture of a Shakespearean [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett video[/url] . After watching this movie, you should feel nothing less than amazed at the way the story is written, and all the jokes and coincidences that are pulled off to keep it in [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett season 3[/url] with the original source material.

Of course, it is impossible to have a comedy keep [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett season 1[/url]ly inline with the original Macbeth. About 10 or 15 minutes toward the [url=http://www.jaxjade.com/Carol-Burnett-Show]carol burnett tv show[/url], the story is [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett box set[/url]d to veer away, and leave the original behind. It's only reasonable though, that this story not end with the death of MacDuff's family and such. It actually opens the door for an equally intelligent, darkly comic, and fulfilling ending that leaves you feeling satisfied and happy all in one.

This film is as a whole, a very intelligent, well done adaptation of a classic. If you've ever worked in fast food you'll [url=http://www.jaxjade.com/Carol-Burnett-Show]carol burnett season 5[/url] aloud a few times at the in [url=http://www.jaxjade.com]carol burnett dvd box set[/url]s and commentary on the whole fast food world, and if you've read Macbeth, you'll feel yourself drawn in by this darkly and intelligently comic remake.

I'm a self avowed unemployed writer, working on semi-constant basis to try and overcome the [url=http://www.jaxjade.com/Carol-Burnett-Show]carol burnett season[/url] to go and [url=http://www.jaxjade.com/Carol-Burnett-Show]carol burnett episodes[/url] a real job. I've written more than 200 articles and reviews and am constantly scouring the internet for any and all excuses and methods to make myself less

Aaron From OHWC
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