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Posted: 07/08/10 06:31 AM
Author: afredfone
Location: usa
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For Sale Online Brand New Unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB $240
Welcome to MOBILE ONE LIMITED guiding philosophy is to focus solely on the wireless industry - It is this profound understanding of the industry that allows us to offer the most up-to-date and only the highest quality products to our loyal customer base. No company is perfect, we know that. But we can assure you no one else tries harder than us to achieve that label. When the time comes we would like you to consider us for your new product purchase. Thank you for visiting our Advert, we look forward to serving you for many years to come!

Registered No.05145989
Address: 1st Floor,
483 Barlow Moor Road,
City : Manchester
Zip code : M21 8AG
Country : United Kingdom.
Tell: +447024094936

Email us at : [email protected]

Email us at : [email protected]

NOTE : Order 3 unit and get 1 free
NOTE : Order 5 unit and get 2 free

Shipping fees : Free shipping for bulk purchase : FedEx, DHL or UPS
Delivery Time : 2 days maximum.

MOBILE ONE LIMITED has been one of the fastest growing discount Wholesaler on the web, where we present the industry's latest products at the time they are introduced by the manufacturer, coupled with the after market sales distribution at the very same time.

Our contact information By :

Email us at : [email protected]

Email us at : [email protected]

Below is our Products Price Listed !!

Apple iPad
Apple iPad 16GB----$220
Apple iPad 32GB----$270
Apple iPad 64GB----$320

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone 4g ---------$320
Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB----$240
Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB----$220
Apple iPhone 3G 16GB GoldenEye ---$200
Apple iPhone 3G 8GB -- $160
Apple iPhone 3G 16GB -- $165

BlackBerry Bold 9700--$220
BlackBerry Storm2 9520--$220
BlackBerry Storm2 9550--$220
BlackBerry Curve 8520-- $220
BlackBerry Tour 9630-- $215
BlackBerry Curve 8900 --$210
Blackberry 9000 Bold -- $160
BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 -- $200
BlackBerry Pearl 8110 -- $155
BlackBerry Storm 9500 -- $205
BlackBerry Storm 9530 -- $210
BlackBerry Pearl 8120 -- $145
Blackberry Curve 8320 -- $155
BlackBerry 8820 -- $125
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition -- $135
BlackBerry 8800 -- $130
Blackberry Pearl 8100 -- $130
BlackBerry Curve 8300 -- $145
BlackBerry Curve 8310 -- $140

HTC Desire ---$250
HTC Wildfire ---$230
HTC Google Nexus One--$220
HTC HD2--$200
HTC Pure--$210
HTC Tattoo--$210
HTC Touch2--$210
HTC Hero--$205
HTC Ozone--$200
HTC Snap--$195
HTC Magic--$195
HTC Touch Pro2--$190
HTC Touch Diamond2--$190
HTC Dream--$190
HTC Touch Cruise 09--$190
HTC MAX 4G--$190
HTC Advantage X7510 -- $190
HTC P3470 -- $180
HTC Touch Cruise Polaris 3G Smartphone -- $195
HTC P6500 -- $175
HTC Shift -- $215
HTC P4350 -- $175
HTC TyTN II -- $155
HTC P3600i -- $205
HTC Touch HD Smartphone -- $225
HTC Touch 3G -- $225
HTC G1 -- $225
HTC Touch Viva -- $225
HTC S740 Smartphone -- $155
HTC Touch PRO -- $155
HTC Touch Diamond -- $160

Email us at : [email protected]

Email us at : [email protected]

Nokia C8----$250
Nokia C6----$250
Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition--$240
Nokia 6788--$230
Nokia N97 mini--$240
Nokia X6--$230
Nokia X3--$215
Nokia N900--$220
Nokia 5230--$220
Nokia 3208c--$220
Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition--$215
Nokia Mural--$210
Nokia 6760 slide--$200
Nokia 6790 Surge--$210
Nokia 3720 classic--$235
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic--$240
Nokia E72--$240
Nokia N98--$230
Nokia 5730 XpressMusic --$160
Nokia 5330 XpressMusic --$160
Nokia 5030 XpressRadio --$160
Nokia N86 8MP --$205
Nokia E75 --$170
Nokia E55--$165
Nokia N97 -- $210
Nokia N85 -- $180
Nokia N79 Canvas White -- $170
Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte -- $215
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic -- $165
Nokia 3610 fold -- $175
Nokia 7610 Supernova -- $190
Nokia E71 -- $195
Nokia E66 -- $185
Nokia N96 16GB -- $185
Nokia N78 -- $155
Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism -- $165
Nokia N81 8GB -- $175

Motorola phones
Motorola ROKR ZN50----$230
Motorola Karma QA1-----$200
Motorola L800t-----$200
Motorola W7 Active Edition ----$190
Motorola ZN300----$200
Motorola COCKTAIL VE70----$210
Motorola ZN200-----$170

Sony Ericsson:
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness--$220
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10--$220
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2--$210
Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou)--$210
Sony Ericsson Idou--$200
Sony Ericsson C510--$190
Sony Ericsson W508--$185
Sony Ericsson W705--$190
Sony Ericsson W715--$205
Sony Ericsson G705--$200
Sony Ericsson W705--$200
Sony Ericsson C905--$210
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1--$200

Email us at : [email protected]

Email us at : [email protected]

LG GW620--$225
LG GM750--$230
LG BL40 New Chocolate--$235
LG GT500 Puccini--$240
LG GT505--$205
LG GW520--$200
LG GD900 Crystal--$200
LG GC900 Viewty Smart--$195
LG GD330--$195
LG KS660--$195
LG GB125--$190
LG Xenon--$195
LG GB210--$190
LG GM200--$195
LG KC560--$190
LG KM900 Arena--$190
LG GM730--$195
LG Incite--$230
LG GD910--$230
LG KS500--$235
LG KF900 Prada--$225
LG KC780--$205
LG KP500 Cookie--$205
LG KC910 Renoir--$205
LG KB770--$190
LG CB630 Invision--$190
LG KS360--$165

ETEN glofiish X610--$210
ETEN glofiish V900--$220
ETEN glofiish X900--$205
ETEN glofiish DX900--$210
ETEN glofiish M750--$200
ETEN glofiish M810--$170
ETEN 500 Glofiish--$160
ETEN M700 Glofiish 2--$195
ETEN M600--$135
ETEN G500--$110
ETEN 800 Glofiish--$200

AT-Mobile Sidekick:
T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2008?$135
T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009?$140
T-Mobile Sidekick LX ? $105
T-Mobile Shadow ? $120
T-Mobile G1 ? $130
T-Mobile Sidekick 3 ? $100
Juicy Couture Sidekick 2 ? $80

Video Games Console:

Sony PSP Slim Giga Bundle ? $105
Sony Playstation 3 Slim ----$180
Sony PlayStation 3 80GB Motorstorm Pack ? $155
Sony Playstation 3 60GB ? $140
Sony PlayStation 3 40GB ? $125

Microsoft Xbox:
Xbox 360 Arcade Console -- $115
Xbox 360 Pro 60GB Console -- $145
Xbox 360 Elite 120GB Console -- $165

Nintendo DS Lite -- $70
Nintendo Wii Console -- $125

Apple iPod 60GB (Video) New - $150usd
Apple iPod 30GB (Video) New - $140usd
Apple ipod 80 GB - $140usd
Apple iPod U2 SE 20 GB - $120usd
Apple iPod Photo 60 GB - $120usd
Apple iPod Mini 6 GB - $100usd
Apple iPod 20 GB - $100usd
Apple iPod Photo 30 GB - $110usd
Apple iPod Nano 4GB New! - $90usd
Apple iPod Nano 2GB New! - $80usd
Apple iPod Shuffle 1 GB - $80usd
Apple iPod Mini 4 GB - $70usd
Apple iPod Shuffle 512 MB - $60usd

Apple Macbook Air?????????.$500
Apple MacBook (MA700LL/A) Mac Notebook?$400usd
Apple MacBook Pro (MA611LL/A) Notebook?$400usd
Apple MacBook (MA254LL/A) Mac Notebook?$400usd
Apple iBook G3 (M7698LL/A) Mac Notebook..$400usd
Apple MacBook Pro (MA609LL/A) Notebook?$500usd
Apple MacBook Pro (MA600LLA) Notebook?$400usd
Apple MacBook Pro (MA610LL/A) Notebook?$400usd
Apple Macbook Pro (885909119400) Notebook..$400usd

* Before returning any product to us, you first MUST obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Any returns mailed to us without a pre-approved RMA may be refused without notice and automatically returned.
* To obtain a RMA,

We offer our customers hassle-free returns/exchanges. If for any reason you are not satisfied with an item purchased from us, please return the item within 90 days* of receipt for an exchange or refund.


For more information's regarding product and purchase process, Send your enquiries to:

Email us at : [email protected]

Email us at : [email protected]

Sale Rep.

Aaron From OHWC
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