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Posted: 08/07/10 08:30 AM
Author: linli
Location: china
Posts: 9


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Cartier famous men
you were left with only those thatCartier Glasses showed everybody and everything in the least complimentary light. Everybody looks faintly ridiculous or pathetic??trapped in their remote time and place with their arcane Cartier Love Braceletactivities and attire, their unglamorous faces and physiognomies.
That impression is the take-away you may have from the retrospective of Henri Cartier-Bresson??s snapshots of the human family spanning cartier wood glassesalmost three-quarters of a century, entitled originating at N.Y.??s Museum of Modern Art and now touring the country and viewable as a handsome coffee-table book (Thames & Hudson, 2010).
Cartier-Bresson, in presumably exposing us for what we are, seems to be showing not thatcartier ring the emperor has no clothes but that he has ugly clothes, mottled skin and a strange hair-do. You leave the exhibit suspecting that existence itself is an aesthetic miscarriage.

Aaron From OHWC
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