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Posted: 08/12/10 07:46 AM
Author: linli
Location: china
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Cartier vampire??s story
This is a story about vampires, represents us a kind of the most romantic and Cartier Watch
the most mysterious eternal love.
Long ago, the vampire fell in love with a beautiful girl, but she wore with a beautiful cross pendant, and that made him not approached to. The power of love made the man to become the most intelligent and Cartier Love Braceletvampire generous man: in order to attract the girl, vampires send her several of Cartier jewelry, and reminded her that what was separated from them. What was the temptation of her eternity? The young girl??s heart was captive, and let the vampire took a bite. A kind of the Cartier jewelry stands for cartier eye glasseslove and sacrifice of portraiture. She sent him a Cartier ring that ha d a heart by arrow, and the Cartier rings as the witness love was a bright red blood drips. Finally, young and vampires lived in the eternal love.
??The Vampire??s Fianc??e bois told Cartier love bracelets the story about the poetic romance cartier ringsof advanced Cartier jewelry series. It had the classic work accurately, and did not fall convention of modeling.
What about this story? Can you Cartier pendant hear the story and feels very magical? this is a very romantic French story, in one of the vampire story of state-owned many stories, in here, a vampire??s Cartier earrings love is not evil, but in some extent, is an unconditional love, he Cartier necklaces does not toCartier Mens Watch let his beloved girl to become a vampire, rather Cartier love rings than let her leave himself, nor let her become his love Cartier gold bracelets accessory.

Aaron From OHWC
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