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Posted: 08/16/10 04:49 AM
Author: Morleybaby
Location: china
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brothers and sisters
The first half of [url=http://www.dvdcollectionsale.com/goods/20/Brothers-and-Sisters-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVD-2062.html]Brothers and Sisters Seasons 1-4 DVD Boxset[/url] was moving in an interesting direction, with Kitty's battle with cancer taking centre stage and Sarah finally getting back into the dating game in [url=http://www.dvdcollectionsale.com/goods/20/Brothers-and-Sisters-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVD-2062.html]Brothers and Sisters Seasons 1-4 DVD Boxset[/url]. The family business was seeing success after a series of pitfalls and things were looking up for the Walkers in [url=http://www.dvdcollectionsale.com/goods/20/Brothers-and-Sisters-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVD-2062.html]Brothers and Sisters Seasons 1-4[/url]. However, the latter half of the season of [url=http://www.dvdcollectionsale.com/goods/20/Brothers-and-Sisters-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVD-2062.html]Brothers and Sisters 1-4[/url] became predictable and tedious as Ojai Foods was once again plagued with a series of roadblocks with a melodramatic blackmail plot in [url=http://www.dvdcollectionsale.com/goods/20/Brothers-and-Sisters-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVD-2062.html]Brothers and Sisters 1-4[/url] that strangely disappeared as a result of even more secrets from William Walker's past being revealed. I think the viewers would prefer if the producers stopped using the same old tricks to build storylines based on William's dishonest past of [url=http://www.dvdcollectionsale.com/goods/20/Brothers-and-Sisters-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVD-2062.html]Brothers and Sisters 1-4 dvd[/url]. In addition, the number of story arcs in [url=http://www.dvdcollectionsale.com/goods/20/Brothers-and-Sisters-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVD-2062.html]Brothers and Sisters Seasons 1-4[/url] floating around throughout the year was overwhelming (Kitty's cancer, Kitty's political career, Robert's new job, Sarah/ Luc drama, Kevin & Scotty having a baby, Scotty & Saul opening a restaurant, Saul's health concern, Nora & Saul's ailing mother, Justin/ Rebecca's marriage, Rebecca's miscarriage, Justin's medical career, Justin going to Haiti-- not to mention all the Ojai drama, flashback stories, etc.) [url=http://www.dvdcollectionsale.com/goods/20/Brothers-and-Sisters-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVD-2062.html]Brothers and Sisters dvd[/url]Despite these drawbacks, kudos to the writers for getting rid of the Ryan Lafferty storyline- this was going nowhere and I'm glad they scrapped the idea. Another bright spot was Flockhart.I didn't watch [url=http://www.dvdcollectionsale.com/goods/20/Brothers-and-Sisters-Seasons-1-4-DVD-Boxset-DVD-2062.html]Brothers and Sisters dvd box set[/url] the first two seasons and regretted it because it seemed like my kind of show.

Aaron From OHWC
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