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Posted: 08/17/10 07:09 AM
Author: thunder
Location: canada
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Cold Turkey- Way to Quit Smoking
Among the umpteen ways to quit smoking cold turkey is known to be the most effective. Research says that 80-90% of people who try to quit smoking using cold turkey method were successful. Cold turkey method is to quit smoking abruptly. This Way to quit smoking is known to induce less suffering and cuts short the withdrawal period. It is also known to be the best way with high success rate.

Nicotine in tobacco is known to be a highly addictive drug. Once the drug enters the body, its level needs to be maintained else the smoker starts showing withdrawal symptoms. Lower the amount of tobacco in the blood, greater is the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. As long as nicotine is present in the blood, the body will crave for its complement. Once the body gets rid of nicotine, the withdrawal also comes to an end. An occasional craving for a cigarette might exist due to the psychological dependence.

Using substitutes for tobacco leads to the presence of nicotine in the body always, this leads to a craving for more and more nicotine. Hence the cravings never come to an end. Body demands for more nicotine till there is a small content present in the body. By quitting cigarettes completely, the nicotine is either assimilated into the body or thrown out through the excreta.

The chances of quitting using cold turkey can be improved by following some small tricks. One needs to be mentally prepared to face the withdrawal symptoms like irritability, tiredness etc. Lots of water should be consumed to flush out the toxins from the body. One should divert oneself by going for a walk or doing something interesting.

With a strong will power, quitting smoking by cold turkey method can be successful.

Aaron From OHWC
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