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Posted: 08/18/10 11:32 PM
Author: lxxsumi1
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What do you mean it's over, 'Entourage'?
?? Entourage?? fans, say it ain't so! With the grapevine buzzing and rumors running rampant, I was forced to take matters into my own hands. So, I googled "Entourage ending?" to get a confirmation. Egad!
HBO has indeed officially announced the series' eighth season next summer will be its last. While this news is not entirely shocking, Ari Gold, Vince Chase and his boys from Queens (and their shenanigans) have been a fixture in my summers like tall drinks with umbrellas (and ice). I'm pretty sure the show's writers feel like the boys have done all they could possibly do, and I guess I'll have to learn to deal with that.
Actually, I'm starting to think these "network decisions" have something to do with me. I seem to have a strange affinity for shows that end up winding down. First Fox's "24" ended, and now this? Entourage DVD 1-6
Let's see if I can recap this bundle of emotion in simple terms for those keeping score at home: Boy grows up. Boy becomes man. Man watches TV. Man finds shows he can't live without. Networks tell man: "show's over.??
Man becomes distraught (and I quote: "What do you mean ?C over?")
First I was forced to fill the action-drama void left by "24," and now my sitcom cupboard is poised to runneth bare yet again. Entourage DVD 1-6
"Fan-tastrophes" (copyright, Dereyck Moore) of this sort can certainly cause permanent damage. This is precisely how people end up watching reality shows such as VH1's "Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.?? (Don't get me wrong. "The Ocho" is no "Flavor Flav," but I just want to make this point clear to everyone before you catch me watching TV of that sort in the future.)
Suffice it to say, when "[Entourage" ends, my eyes may wander aimlessly for a little while in search of a suitable replacement for one of my favorite TV shows. You've been warned.
Yet as it slowly sinks in that the show is ending, I'm reminded that I am a realist. All good (and bad) TV shows run their course and end in due time. I'm fine with that, and eventually, I'll make the adjustment.
And it may be the right move, after all, since many devout followers have openly questioned the show's relevance this season. Has the show jumped the shark? Has "Entourage" become too repetitive and lost its mojo? Has Vince had enough trysts with assorted hotties? Have the boys done all they could possibly do? Honestly, I think there have been some spots where I may have thought so here and there, but the seasons always seem to resolve themselves well and leave us wanting more the next summer. Entourage DVD 1-6
While a part of my fandom would prefer to see the show go out on an enjoyable high note, that doesn't ease the pain of knowing that it will all be over in a few episodes ?C for good. I'm excited for the possibility of a feature film based on the show, but I think its natural for fans to watch the rest of this season with a heightened sense of the storylines resolving and things wrapping up.
Also, since HBO made it known that the final season will be an abbreviated one, I'm sure we'll all ramp up our appreciation for Ari Gold's assorted "super-agent" one-liners, the celebs who make the cameos, and the way we've come to know and love Vinnie and the crew on "Entourage."
Hopefully, our withdrawal after it ends will be short-lived, and the movie will be all we hope it can be. Meanwhile, I'll save my "Life after 'Entourage'" blog and my karaoke rendition of Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" for when we get closer to the end. But since I'm in the warm, fuzzy and nostalgic phase, I'll go ahead and announce that "Entourage: Season Three?? was the best season ever!

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