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Posted: 08/19/10 10:31 PM
Author: rudy20
Location: USA
Posts: 82


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Have you seen Nip Tuck? What's it about?
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Nip Tuck is set in a South Florida plastic surgery center, McNamara-Troy, Start DVD Boxset
centering around the two doctors Start DVD Boxset
who own it. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) is having problems at home, trying to keep his family together, trying to patch up the rocky road he and his wife Start DVD Boxset
Julia (Joely Richardson) are experiencing. On the other hand, sex-craving Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) uses his charm to bring in potential femaleStart DVD Boxset
candidates and conductsStart DVD Boxset
shady business deals, often for the love of money...

Aaron From OHWC
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