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Posted: 08/19/10 11:36 PM
Author: lxxsumi1
Location: USA
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Get Entourage DVD in Star dvd city!
yes, it is in www.stardvdcity.com , which is offering High quality DVDs with the lowest price!

Entourage was initially conceived when his assistant asked if he could film Wahlberg and his friends, calling them "hilarious". Other reports credit Eric Weinstein, a long-time friends of Wahlberg's, with the idea of filming the actor's group of friends. In order to be more satirical of the Hollywood lifestyle, a fictional approach was chosen rather than a straight documentary...

just go for it~Entourage DVD 1-6

i suppose you may be also intrested inEntourage DVD set, the simpsons dvd 1-21, Boston legal DVD set

post by star dvd city

Aaron From OHWC
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