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Posted: 08/21/10 09:34 AM
Author: EricJustin
Location: ca
Posts: 2


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Best gifts for your girlfriend or wife
1. Jewelry - It is always acceptable, but not just any jewelry should be purchased. You should put some thought into it, maybe something with her birthstone or if it's really serious, go with a diamond something. Women love jewelry, you can't go wrong here. Please no rings or earrings - go with a bracelet or a necklace with a nice pendant. This gift idea is always a little on the pricey side but well worth the smile when she opens it.

2. Lingerie - Now make sure when you are deciding what type of lingerie to purchase for her that it is something that she won't be offended by. Maybe something that you would like her to wear isn't something that she would be comfortable wearing, so just be sure to know her taste and remember that she is the one going to be wearing it, not you. So maybe she would be more comfortable wearing a 'boy short' panty, rather than a thong, just keep in mind how she feels before purchasing her lingerie.

3. Watch - Everyone needs to know what time it is so what a perfect gift, give your girlfriend the gift of time.

4. Perfume - Scent is a beautiful way to make a memory, not to mention the easiest. 'Yves Rocher' has some amazing scents for women, weather she likes musk, floral, or sensual, there is definitely something for her at 'Yves Rocher'. If you're not quite sure how to tell how something smells, there are always little paragraphs about each different scent so there would be no confusion, the paragraphs read as if you are talking about a person, so if that person sounds like your girlfriend the chances are pretty darn good that she'll love that particular perfume.

5. Movies - Pick some of her favorite movies, yes even if they are romantic movies, so that the two of you can spend a night cuddled together enjoying each other's company for a great movie night that she won't forget.

6. Engagement Ring - A particularly wonderful gift is an engagement ring that is if your girlfriend is someone you would like to marry! Start saving now so you can buy the best engagement ring ever and really surprise your girlfriend Christmas morning! You might even consider having the engagement ring specially made for your girlfriend so it reflects all her tastes and is exactly as she always dreamed! Enlist the help of her best friend, sister, or mom to make sure you get it just right.

7. Bath stuff - When you think of women relaxing, the first thing that comes to mind is a nice hot bubble bath (for me anyway), so if you are looking for bath gifts you should really consider different scents of bubble baths, there are so many different kinds to choose from so it really depends on her preference of scents, there are also bath beads, and bath salts available that soothe and help to relax the body. Try shopping at 'Bath and Body Works', they have everything you can imagine when it comes to bathing and taking care of your skin.

8. Make-up - Girls wear make-up to impress you guys. So here is the perfect make-up for every girl, 'Bare Minerals', you've had to have seen the infomercials by now, 'the powder foundation that's good for your skin', right? Well from personal experience, I absolutely love Bare Minerals foundation, not only does it do everything the infomercials say it will do, it builds confidence too and with that built confidence from knowing your face looks amazing she will feel amazing and in return that basically bounces right back to you, you will be benefiting from her feeling great, and she will definitely thank you for this one.

9. Get with the latest technology - Get her an IPOD or another form of an MP3 player. And makes sure you include a dock for home and car so it can travel everywhere with her. And she can be up to date with technological advances.

10. A trip for two for a weekend - This idea gives a chance for relaxation and quality alone time. It's a perfect idea! Maybe she likes to ski? Or maybe she hates the cold weather? Place preference depends on the couple but it's a nice thought. Who wouldn't want a romantic weekend getaway given to them?

So there is my top ten list of gifts, I hope it was helpful and you found at least some of it useful. And just remember, no matter what you give her she won't think any less of you, but finding the right gift will surely make a great impression. So good luck to all you guys out there shopping and hopefully you find exactly what you, and she are looking for.

Aaron From OHWC
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