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Posted: 08/25/10 11:58 AM
Author: sophiep01
Location: USA
Posts: 9


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Get Fitness! Billy Blanks Boot Camp Workout New Arrival!

We all know Billy Blanks from the Tae Bo craze a few years back. We all know he's back with a new set of DVDs. More recently he has added some workouts that he calls ??Boot Camp?? workouts.

--- Billy Blanks Boot Camp Workout DVD, on www.boxsetoffer.com, only US$37.23!

US$37.23 Billy Blanks Boot Camp Workout DVD

Billy's Boot Camp kit includes the following:

* Basic Training BootCamp (55 minutes)
* Ultimate BootCamp (55 minutes)
* Ab BootCamp (35 minutes)
* Cardio Boot Camp (46 minutes)
* Billy Bands - Muscle Toning Stretch Bands
* 7-Day Success Meal Plan
* 7-Day Energy Supply Formula
* Signature Billy Blank Dog Tags

Other Excellent Workout Item as the following on BoxSetOffer (http://www.boxsetoffer.com):

US$23.07 Zumba Fitness DVD Boxset
US$45.07 10 Minute Solution Volume 1 & 2 Workout DVD
US$29.07 Brazil Butt Lift Workout DVD
US$56.23 P90X 13 DVD and P90X Plus The Next Level
US$39.07 P90X 13DVD+1Nutrition Plan+1Fitness Guide+1Quickstart Guide+1Workout
US$69.23 One on One with Tony Horton Volume 1 & 2 Workout DVD
US$44.23 Insanity 60 Days Boby Workout 13 DVD with Calender and Fit Track
US$39.07 RevAbs Workout DVD
US$37.07 Chalean Extreme DVD Boxset

Aaron From OHWC
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