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Posted: 09/01/10 05:00 AM
Author: nhljersey2010
Location: china
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The Younger Generation In the Twenty-first Century

????We always say ??we are the future??. Indeed. We, the younger generation [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL jersey[/url]represents [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL jerseys[/url]modern knowledge, [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL apparel[/url]new concepts, [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]nfl merchandise[/url]ambition and great [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]nfl merchandise[/url]desire for success. But, have you ever thought of this [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-19.html]nfl merchandise[/url]question: how can we be successful in the 21st century, which is full[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-36.html]steelers jerseys[/url] of great challenges and fierce competitions? In my opinion, [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-43.html]saints jersey[/url]there are[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]football jersey[/url] two important factors.

????First,[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]football jerseys[/url] we have to catch[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl jersey[/url] the opportunities and face the challenges. China has successfully entered [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl jerseys[/url]the World Trade Organization, Beijing has won the bid for the 2008 Olympic Games?? If we want to be successful, we have to seize these opportunities[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl team jersey[/url]. SARS and AIDS,[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]hockey jersey[/url] environmental pollution, growing population?? We have no choice but to [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl hockey jersey[/url]solve these problems with our own hands. Thus, [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-111.html]jersey devils[/url]catching the opportunities and trying our best to cope with the difficulties [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-115.html]penguins jersey[/url]is necessary for us to succeed in the 21st century.

????Secondly,[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-130.html]blackhawks jersey[/url] we have to learn to cooperate and compete. Last year, when SARS was spreading[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb jersey[/url] rapidly in China, scientists all over the world cooperated with each other and prevented the disease from spreading in a short period of time. [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb jerseys[/url]At the same time, they were also competing against each other[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]baseball jersey[/url] to see who could conquer the disease first. By cooperating and competing, the world develops day by day. Therefore, [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]baseball jerseys[/url]we, the younger[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb baseball jersey[/url] generation, must know how to cooperate [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb baseball jersey[/url][/url]and compete.

????Ladies and gentlemen, we are standing at the outset of a new century, we are at the gate of a new era. Looking back, the 20th century is a century of great developments and remarkable changes. Looking forward, the 21st century is a century full of opportunities, challenges, cooperation and [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-3-87.html]cardinals jersey[/url]
competition. I believe, if we can seize the opportunities, face the challenges, cooperate and compete, success in the 21st century belongs to him, to you and to me.

Aaron From OHWC
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