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Posted: 09/05/10 11:51 PM
Author: nhljersey2010
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Streatham Bruins aim to reverse fortunes
After a difficult season in [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL jersey[/url]2009/10, the Streatham Bruins have revamped their roster in a bid
[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL jerseys[/url]to change their fortunes.

With only one win last year,
[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL apparel[/url]the Bruins management have worked hard over the summer to bring in fresh faces to the development team [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]cheap nfl jerseys[/url]of the Streatham[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]nfl merchandise[/url] Hockey club. [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-19.html]nfl merchandise[/url]

The roster has undoubtedly been boosted by a number of Streatham Redskins players[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-36.html]steelers jerseys[/url] from last season dropping down to ENL 2. The lively Chris Wittenberg and [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-43.html]saints jersey[/url]battering ram Remy Boprey have switched to the Bruins, as has feisty defenseman [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]football jersey[/url]Joe Weare and goalie James Tanner. Add in former Slough and Haringey player Alan Graichen, GB Women??s international Laura Price and [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]football jerseys[/url]defenseman Dan Botting and the team are at the very least more competitive.

The Bruins faced off their [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl jersey[/url]opening fixture at home to the Cardiff ENL 2 Devils this weekend in a fixture they comfortably lost last year. Boosted by current Redskins youngsters[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl jerseys[/url] Casimir Madren-Britton and Rupe Quiney, the home side looked threatening from the first face off, but it was Cardiff who took the first period [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl team jersey[/url]1-0 through former Bristol forward Sam Hayman. [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]hockey jersey[/url]

The Bruins [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl hockey jersey[/url]didn??t let their heads drop however and in the second period they came alive with Quiney [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-111.html]jersey devils[/url]latching onto a Madren-Britton pass to fire past Luke Takel on the power play. Quiney, who lined up alongside his father Pete in this game as[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-115.html]penguins jersey[/url] the only father-son partnership in British League Hockey,[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb jersey[/url] scored his second to give the Bruins the lead with a smart finish from an acute angle [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-130.html]blackhawks jersey[/url]after good work from Boprey.

The third period [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb jerseys[/url]was always going to be close, but Quiney gave the Bruins some breathing space as he drifted through three Devils players before scoring and sealing [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]baseball jersey[/url]his hat trick. Cardiff hit back and the game developed an edge, to the delight of the crowd. Devils forward Ben Brown and Bruins defenseman Weare dropped the [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]baseball jerseys[/url]gloves but the linesmen were quick to diffuse the situation and no real punches were thrown.

The rest of the game passed without incident although it was heart warming to see hat trick hero Quiney step in to protect his father, after Quiney Senior took a particularly bad hit [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb baseball jersey[/url]on the boards. The Bruins held on for a famous win that already equals their win record of last season.

One Bruins official described his team??s opener as the best possible start and a gutsy physical performance. Hat trick hero Quiney, who will be icing for the Redskins this weekend against Invicta, believes that every member of the team deserves credit:

??It is a common clich??, but it really[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-3-80.html]phillies jersey[/url] was a team effort?? said Quiney, who spent last[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-3-87.html]cardinals jersey[/url]
season playing for Toronto Moose in Canada.

??Obviously I was thrilled to get a hat-trick but the real key to the victory was our defense?? he added. ??James Tanner was fantastic between the pipes and we kept our discipline in our own end, which was needed??

Aaron From OHWC
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