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Posted: 09/07/10 11:12 AM
Author: nhljersey2010
Location: china
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An Internet-owned hockey team, for the price of a few beers?
Owning a profes[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL jersey[/url]sional or minor league franchise has always been an expensive venture, [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL jerseys[/url]requiring deep[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL apparel[/url] pockets to cover costs.

Enter Toronto-based Alan Kasperski, who's trying to bring the idea of Internet ownership of a[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]cheap nfl jerseys[/url] sports team over from Europe -- and applying it to a junior hockey team.[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]nfl merchandise[/url]

The price of ownership? It[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-19.html]nfl merchandise[/url] might be as low as $50; or as the Toronto Star put it, [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-36.html]steelers jerseys[/url]"four beers at a big-league game."

The idea of fans owning [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-43.html]saints jersey[/url]a team via the Internet began three years ago when the website MyFootballClub took over lower level English soccer team Ebbsfleet [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]football jersey[/url]United. About 27,000 fans joined the site and each paid ??35 to help buy [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]football jerseys[/url]the club [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl jersey[/url]and become part owners.

From there, the owners[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl jerseys[/url] would vote [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl team jersey[/url]online on things like ticket prices, [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]hockey jersey[/url]player transfers,[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl hockey jersey[/url] player selection[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-111.html]jersey devils[/url], advertising campaigns, and jersey designs. A main board and management team[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-115.html]penguins jersey[/url] was set up to help run things from above, but majority of the [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-130.html]blackhawks jersey[/url]decisions were left to the 27,000 owners to decide online.

In the club's first year under this unusual ownership, Ebbsfleet United captured the FA Trophy, a tournament that features all semi-professional clubs in Eng[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb jersey[/url]land.

Back to Kasperski, who wants to do the same in Canada. He's already approached Hockey Canada about the idea and the CBC about kicking off the campaign during Hockey[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb jerseys[/url] Day in Canada on Feb. 12. He isn't looking to attempt this with a major junior team, with the high price tags associated with those franchises; rather, a Junior "A" team whose value is much more affordable to suit his idea.

As he told Dave Perkins of the Toronto [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]baseball jersey[/url]Star, Kasperski says that sometimes fans are the one's with the good ideas, not the few executives running the ship in expensive suits:

"If one man with lots and lots of money can own a team, why couldn't lots and lots of people, each with a little money, own a team, too?" he wonders in his proposal, adding, "the wisdom of the crowd says that a big bunch of people are very[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]baseball jerseys[/url] often smarter than a small group.

"It's the ultimate rotisserie league. You would get to make real decisions abou[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb baseball jersey[/url]t real people using real money."

Which leads us to the big-picture question: Could the Internet own and operate an NHL franchise under this[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-3-80.html]phillies jersey[/url] plan?

With the amount of love thrown the way of the Phoenix Coyotes because of their off-ice issues with ownership and cloudy future, there are enough people out there willing to chip in $100 or so to help buy the team, no? We'd only need about 1.4 million investors ... which could make online voting a little chaotic.

Hey, maybe it could work -- as long as we make sure there isn't an overabundance of money flowing in from the province of Manitoba. Otherwise, there might be a surprise appearance of Mayflower moving trucks one night in Glendale ... [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-3-87.html]cardinals jersey[/url]

Aaron From OHWC
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