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Posted: 09/07/10 11:13 AM
Author: nhljersey2010
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Under the Hawthorn Tree

Adapted from the popular novel Hawthorn Tree Forever, Zhang Yimou`s latest [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL jersey[/url]film Under the Hawthorn Tree previewed Wednesday and was acknowledged as a[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL jerseys[/url] welcome return for Zhang to the art house genre. [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]NFL apparel[/url]
??Set in the 1970s during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), the novel Hawthorn Tree Forever is based on a true story about a young city girl named Jing with a condemned[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]cheap nfl jerseys[/url] political background who falls in love with a young man Sun from a high-profile family when she goes to the countryside to be re-educated.[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]nfl merchandise[/url] Jing`s age and social standing prevent the two from being together until she graduates and gets a secure job in the city. [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-19.html]nfl merchandise[/url]
??Sun continues to support Jing and they date secretly before Sun is diagnosed with leukemia and dies.[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-36.html]steelers jerseys[/url]
"I want to recover the original purity and simplicity of the 1970s and the people at that time, with a slow but compelling narration. I want it to convey a long-lost purity," Zhang said. "[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-1-43.html]saints jersey[/url]
??Unlike Zhang`s previous films that are known for their colorful cinematography, Under the Hawthorn Tree[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]football jersey[/url] employs natural and basic hues.
??"It is simple and precious, especially in [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nfl.html]football jerseys[/url]a commercial society like now," said actress Yan Ni. [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl jersey[/url]
??It may be the characters` defiance against all risks and the embodiment of "till [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl jerseys[/url]death do us[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl team jersey[/url] apart" in a time full of persecutions that kept most[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]hockey jersey[/url] at the preview interested in the film, with many touched by their emotion[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/nhl.html]nhl hockey jersey[/url]s.
??Ding Yaping, director[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-111.html]jersey devils[/url] of the Film and TV School of China Art Academy, said the work is similar[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-115.html]penguins jersey[/url] to a genre widely popular in Japan and South [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-8-130.html]blackhawks jersey[/url]Korea, but has not been made by Chinese directors [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb jersey[/url]for over a decade. "Zhang`s movie is the kind of devoted romance that will be engraved on one`s bones," he said after seeing the film.[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb jerseys[/url]
Film critic, Zhang Wei added that [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]baseball jersey[/url]the movie would have implications for China, where [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]baseball jerseys[/url]instant gratification and consumerism have taken hold. [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/mlb.html]mlb baseball jersey[/url]"The pure concept of love and romance in a [url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-3-80.html]phillies jersey[/url]movie set in the 1970s will enlighten the outlooks of young Chinese born between 1980 and 2000 on relationships and romance," he said.[url=http://www.nhl-jersey-shop.com/product-3-87.html]cardinals jersey[/url]

Aaron From OHWC
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