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Posted: 09/15/10 10:55 PM
Author: Ellana
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Could There One Day Be a Gilmore Girls Reunion as a Movie?
Gilmore Girls DVD ended three years ago, but that doesn't mean it's been forgotten--by the fans or by the cast. The series ended with Rory (One Tree Hill DVD) leaving Stars Hollow to be on assignment as a reporter, while Lorelai (Gilmore Girls DVD boxset) and Luke (Scott Patterson) got things back on track after he put together a huge goodbye party for Rory,One Tree Hill DVD boxset.

Gilmore Girls DVD Movie - What's the Likelihood of It Happening?
It's no surprise that fans want to see more from the small town of Stars Hollow, but they're not the One Tree Hill DVD. Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham have both said they'd be for it, though Patterson seems much more excited about it. That doesn't mean Gilmore Girls DVD boxset wouldn't be behind it--she just has her reservations: "I think it could be good, but I wonder if we've waited too long. I don't want to be walking around the town square with a cane." Even if that was the One Tree Hill DVD boxset (though they would have to wait many years before that would happen), there are sure to be people who would want to see it. Graham also said that the series "Gilmore Girls DVD," which is why she doesn't know what would be the central idea for the film. Even if it turned out to just be two hours of what everyone watched each week on One Tree Hill DVD, it would be entertaining to see what happened to the characters after the series finale Gilmore Girls DVD boxset. And even though before it was just those that used to watch the show that wanted to see a movie, "One Tree Hill DVD boxset...who could actually make it happen are talking about it." That's one step in the right direction!

What do you think? Do you want to see a Gilmore Girls DVD movie? What do you think should happen in it if it's made?

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Aaron From OHWC
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