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Posted: 09/16/10 04:03 AM
Author: aliza
Location: paris
Posts: 12


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Family guy return to television
Who would have thought that when the two were withdrawn at a time when more than two years, Family Guy, not only the return to television, But prove to be even more popular that the preliminary work? The franchise is now seeing more votes, the movie made for DVD and 2K Games and High Voltage Software new game show video adaptation of the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PlayStation Portable. Dictionary of the Fox animated sitcom to get the game treatment, Family Guy is medium range - not as good as the best Simpsons games, nor as bad as the worst of them. The best part is that it islegitimately fun (unlike the most recent episodes of the series), with some wild bawdy humor that offers more than stumbles. Unfortunately, the part where you actually playFamily Guy is not pleasant at all. The gameplay is a perfect example of ;throwing a lot of ideas on the wall and see what sticks; mentality, but in this case, nothing is polished enough to stick, and it all ends on the ground in a mess ugly, tangled. Is family Guy fans be able to forgive the unpleasant gameplay in order to settle and enjoy the jokes? Potentially, they tolerate a very short adventure and a lot of recycling lines issue.

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Lost DVD 1-6
Grey??s Anatomy DVD 1-6
Family Guy DVD 1-8

Aaron From OHWC
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