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Posted: 10/02/10 03:20 AM
Author: kellylife
Location: USA
Posts: 32


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Lost-I Love It So Much!
WELL, the epic, long-running televisual treat that was Losthas finally reached it's conclusion and I'll be honest... I LOVED IT!
Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were never going to please everyone with the wrapping up of the multi-stranded, mythological epicness that was Lost, and I'm sure their ending will polarize almost everyone who has (or still has to) watch it.
Yes, certain questions have remained unanswered. Yes, the omission of certain charactersduring the tying up period is glaring (Walt, Ecko). However, thankfully this is one US TV series that has been given the time to evolve all on it's own and end naturally rather than forcing an ending or just frustrating viewers.
So onto the final, mammoth two and a quarter hour episode that brought everything to what I feel was a beautiful, satisfactory conclusion.
Finally realising that the sideways flashes was some kind of purgatory helped explain what was happening on the island. Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Hugo et al had all died at different points in time after the plane crash.


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Posted: 10/03/10 09:15 PM
Author: veryhandbags
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Lost-I Love It So Much!
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