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Posted: 10/15/10 11:16 PM
Author: jessca
Location: usa
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Grey??s Anatomy confront various patients

Only three episodes in its first season, Grey??s Anatomy are thinking about brain death. I do not pretend that the quality of this reflection, in a drama series that seeks to be a sort of going prom; is likely to impress any bioethicists license. But compared to Congress in the case of Terri Schiavo, the surgical residents at Seattle Grace Hospital look like Aristotle and St. Francis of Assisi. And unlike Bill Frist, Peggy Noonan, or Tom DeLay, they are actually in the same room with the patient at the time of diagnosis rather than service to the nearest TV studio, aspiring to the camera as if it was their feeding tube. But before it reaches the brain, the new interns on Grey??s Anatomyhave to face the transplanted liver, prostate disease, grand mal seizures, pancreatic cancer, skulls riddled with nail their own crude ambitions and a rectal examination. (By sex, there are generous portions are sandwiched between shifts, such as takeout pizza.) Our guide through the maze, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), is particularly well placed, the daughter of a famous surgeon , owner of a Seattle house with rooms for rent ambivalent about the result in workaholic mother??s footsteps, but still excited by his first experience working with blood: It was a great ... I do not know why someone is on drugs.

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Aaron From OHWC
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