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Posted: 10/18/10 11:04 PM
Author: kellylife
Location: USA
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Weeds-One of the Best Shows!
Showtime series Weeds is one of the best shows on television. Each season is always strong-set, fantasy stories, complex and wonderful charecters a dark comedy. Mary-Louise Parker Nancy Botwin is absolutely phenomenal and one of the most intransigent characters never appear on television. Parker is always reliable in the cast of support fund to bring humor and heart, sometimes very dark matter. The fifth season of Weeds is the slowest, but that does not mean bad. It's the most character driven season we will see the real colors of these charecters and what they really want, and sometimes is not enough. Nancy continues its downward spiral and pull his youngest son, Shane with him.
Silas is the emotional center of this very dysfunctional family, and at 18 became the real father figure. Andy tries to escape capture of Nancy and start your own life, while Celia is working harder than it is a different person, and sometimes really trying to be Nancy. This season is coming to terms with the inevitable and deal with the consequences. There is much here to reward the long time fans of the show and viewers interested in the psychological structure of the charecters crazy. The season finale that promises to introduce several themes introduced in this season. I can not wait to see what happens next. Weeds is still my favorite solo on the big screen, layered, funny, deep and surprising.


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Posted: 10/21/10 09:05 PM
Author: keke
Location: China
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Weeds-One of the Best Shows!
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