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Posted: 10/23/10 04:59 AM
Author: Rolltone
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Being Human series
On Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor" one bachelorette asked Jake Pavelka to take her back, and he narrowed the field of ladies competing for his heart to only two.

Jake traveled with Gia, Tenley and Vienna to the romantic Caribbean island of St. Lucia, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/The-Twilight-Zone-Season-1-5-box-set-p-781.html]The Twilight Zone series 1-5[/url], where all three ladies spent their individual dates with him in the "fantasy suite."
First up was Jake's date with Gia, in which they took a boat ride to a public market, and then later shared an intimate dinner on the beach. Over dinner, Jake commented on model Gia's beauty, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Tales-From-the-Crypt-Season-1-7-DVD-Boxset-p-739.html]Tales From the Crypt box set 1-7[/url], adding, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Seinfeld-Complete-Series-1-9-DVD-Set-p-789.html]Seinfeld dvd set[/url], [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Everybody-Loves-Raymond-Season-1-9-box-set-p-784.html]Everybody Loves Raymond dvd box set[/url], [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Spooks-Complete-Series-1-8-Box-Set-p-787.html]Spooks dvd series[/url], [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Tales-From-the-Crypt-Season-1-7-DVD-Boxset-p-739.html]Tales From the Crypt dvd box set[/url], [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/One-Foot-In-The-Grave-Complete-Series-1-6-Box-Set-p-776.html]One Foot In The Grave dvd box[/url], "You've really surprised me because you're very deep." After they lay together in a hammock on the beach, Jake told the camera, "Swinging on a hammock with Gia -- it's like our bodies just fit together."
The pair ended the night with a bubble bath in the fantasy suite.
Next up, Jake and Tenley enjoyed the luscious view of St. Lucia from a helicopter, before they shared a picnic in the rainforest. "I feel like I'm living in a dream right now," Tenley told Jake. "I can just be myself ... I've never had that with anybody, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Being-Human-Complete-Series-1-2-Box-Set-p-794.htm]Being Human 1-2 dvd[/url], [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/La-Femme-Nikita-dvd-complete-seasons-1-5-box-set-p-599.html]La Femme Nikita box set[/url]," Jake said.
Over dinner, Tenley confessed, "I'm really falling in love with you, and it makes me really happy and excited." They then danced barefoot, before retreating to the fantasy suite, with Jake commenting to Tenley, "I absolutely cannot wait to watch our first sunrise."
Later, Vienna and Jake hopped aboard a pirate ship for a fun date that ended with dinner in a gazebo perched over the water. "The chemistry is just -- bam -- fireworks," Vienna said of the sparks she felt with Jake.
During dinner, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Andromeda-dvd-season-1-2-3-4-5-box-set-p-530.html]Andromeda complete box set[/url], Jake asked her what kind of rings she likes. Later, Vienna laid her cards on the table during dinner, saying, "I have fallen in love with you."
Jake replied before kissing her, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Star-Trek-Voyager-Season-1-7-DVD-Box-Set-p-786.html]Star Trek Voyager dvd box set[/url], "You're in love with me?"

Back at the fantasy suite, Vienna changed into a sensuous white negligee, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Agatha-Christie%27s-Poirot-Collection-Box-Set-p-785.html]Agatha Christie's Poirot 1-12 dvd[/url], before the two kissed on a bed strewn with roses.
After his trio of overnight dates in St. Lucia, Jake had the unenviable task of whittling down three to two, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Agatha-Christie%27s-Poirot-Collection-Box-Set-p-785.html]Agatha Christie's Poirot complete seasons[/url], but things got even more complicated when the phone rang and it was Ali -- the bachelorette who quit the show on last week's episode in order to keep her job.
"I made the wrong choice," Ali told Jake, explaining, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Teletubbies-Series-1-3-box-set-p-783.html]Teletubbies boxset[/url], "I just really, really would hate to think that because of my fear and my mistake, we would never find out if we are really a match."
Unfortunately, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/The-Apprentice-seasons-1-8-box-set-p-791.html]The Apprentice 1-8[/url], Jake had moved on since her departure, telling her, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/James-Bond-007-Collection-Box-Set-p-767.html]James Bond 007 dvd box set[/url], "The problem is, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/CSI:-Miami-Seasons-1-8-Box-set-p-765.html]CSI Miami collection[/url], [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/House-M.D-Complete-Series-1-6-Box-Set-p-790.html]House M.D seasons 1-6[/url], when you left, it really forced me to put what I felt for you aside."
In the end, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/The-Cosby-Show-Complete-Collection-Season-1-8-Box-Set-p-788.html]The Cosby Show dvd box[/url], Jake made a decision about whether to let Ali return. "Ali, I have to just go with my heart, I know what it's telling me, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Seinfeld-Complete-Series-1-9-DVD-Set-p-789.html]Seinfeld seasons 1-9[/url]," Jake said, adding, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Rome-Season-1-2-Box-Set-p-770.html]Rome dvds[/url], "I just don't think it's a good idea. That hurts me like crazy to say it to you, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/The-Shield-Complete-Series-1-7-Box-Set-p-777.html]The Shield collection[/url], but I just don't think it's a good idea."
Jake told the camera later, "As much as I want her here, I'm so in love with these three women, and at this point in the journey, I'm not in love with Ali, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Felicity-Seasons-1-4-Box-Set-p-773.html]Felicity dvd[/url], [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Felicity-Seasons-1-4-Box-Set-p-773.html]Felicity complete seasons[/url], so I just have to trust that my heart is leading me in the right direction."
Ali wasn't the only girl who Jake had to say no to in the episode, [url=http://www.nibdvd.com/Being-Human-Complete-Series-1-2-Box-Set-p-794.htm]Being Human series 1-2[/url], however, and the time came for the rose ceremony. In the end, it was Gia who had not entirely convinced Jake that she was the one, and she did not receive a rose.
"That was not easy. I think you're absolutely amazing. ... I just felt like I developed a little bit stronger feelings for the other two women," Jake told a tearful Gia.
Tenley and Vienna continue in their pursuit of "The Bachelor," which airs Monday nights on ABC.

Aaron From OHWC
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