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Posted: 10/29/10 04:16 AM
Author: kellylife
Location: USA
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Supernatural-Accomplished Composer Finds Depth in It!
With a score of 9.0 IMDB and the beginning of its sixth Supernatural on Friday (September 24, 2010), it is fair to say that the television series "Supernatural" has been quite successful. And the success of any good TV showis taking concerted efforts of many different fronts. The actors often have a greater appreciation (not hard to understand why), but there are many more things behind the scenes that most members considered public. So consider this collection of 18 tracks of music (also split between the two composers) of the first five show of popular TV shows in the quality of work that the composer Christopher Lennertz and Jay Gruska brought to the series. At the time of writing, this soundtrack is ranked # 240 in terms of music sales in the Amazon, which is a plate for the music fans of the series.

After over 100 episode, how to choose the value of one hour of material to include in an album? Lennertz Gruska and did not. They took a different path:" making each item more than a compilation of several songs that we thought we would enjoy not only the material well, but remember the landscape wide geographic and emotional. "Supernatural", which in turn leads to a huge musical landscape. "The roads are still paid to Gruska, while the odd tracks are attributed to Lennertz, and there is little difference between the composers who appears throughout the album.Lennertz seems to be a fast-paced action sequences (even ironic Monster "Old Movie "to start in staccato rhythms) and Gruska nuclear deals with more emotional (listen to the violin / piano duo of the early moments of "not Bromantic?"). But the interesting part of this collectionof music is only the state Lennertz Gruska and liner notes - is not really the central issue here. seriescovers a wide range of music - "Dean Salmon in the Heartland" sounds like bluegrass instrumental "Mambo Meatsuit" The use of heavy percussion driven thriller theme - and Gruska Lennertz and seem at home, no matter what is currently required.
Accomplished composers like Bear McCreary seem to find depth and characterization in any type of television series.


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