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Posted: 10/29/10 04:19 AM
Author: kellylife
Location: USA
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Weeds-What's about to Embark on Season 6?
I like Weeds since the second season. The show is about to embark on the sixth season, and it is almost unrecognizable. If you recall, last season was heavily involved with Nancy drug traffickers in Mexico and living with Esteban with his (now three) son. His brother Andy was committed to Alanis Morissette, an OB / GYN doctor who also performs abortions. Last season ended with both to get hijacked by stalker Morissette. Nancy's story ended with Shane kill his rival, Pilar with a croquet mallet to the pool at a party. This is where we pick up the story.
Sixth seasonis the best showever. Nancy true nature is finally revealed, is selfish, he lives the problems and Unhinged. Mary Louise Parker, owns the property and evil characters will be able to play him as realistically it is impossible to distinguish the character actor. In addition, he gets better looking every year. It is not right, it's as if he is aging backwards, Brad Pitt and style.
If the premier episode is any indication, the Weeds to recover from the weakness of the fifth season. This is not the same show it was when it started, but we must grow and change to be useful and to keep the news stories. I still lack Agrestic, Nancy Botwin, but a world to conquer.


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