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Posted: 10/30/10 05:21 AM
Author: Angeliayr
Location: USA Florida
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Criminal Minds crazy mind!

Criminal Minds differs from many procedural dramas by focusing on the criminal rather than the crime itself. The CSI-ish stuff is

solid and intriguing and the acting is good. There are some very nice relationships developing between the team, especially Gideon

and Reid. Completing the team, you have the young, nerd-looking "Dr. Spencer Reid" (Matthew GrayGruber) who seems to know

everything about everything; the volatile "Elle Greenaway" (Lola Glaudini); the macho "Derek Morgan" (Shelmar Moore), group

spokesperson "J.J. Jareau (A.J. Cook) and he computer geek "Penelope Garcia" (Kristin Vangsness). Criminal Minds has taken both

routes over the years, but it seems to get some things right. The team members do try to get inside the killers' heads, but it's

portrayed as an intellectual and investigative process, not some kind of pseudo-psychic mumbo-jumbo. Granted, that's not saying

much, but if most shows get it 5% right, Criminal Minds gets it 15% right. So, if you like a good crime story, I recommend you

check out Criminal Minds.

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you should not miss it!!

Aaron From OHWC
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