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Posted: 11/01/10 03:55 AM
Author: qyangluou
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NBC Law & Order Not on Fall Lineup
NBC Law & Order Not on Fall Lineup

And don't expect to see "Chuck," "My Name is Earl" or "Medium" there either.

The network just sent out its new season release - head to the jump for EVERYTHING - and you won't see those names anywhere on it.

But when NBC does unveil the whole shebang before advertisers in a few hours, I fully expect that they'll all (with the exception of officially-in-limbo "Earl") get mid-season orders. "L&O" has been a mid-season entry before - though the 19th launched in November - and the same with "Medium" and "Chuck." The trades have already announced that "M" and "Chuck" will be back. They've been notably silent on "L&O."
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So...should you worry? Maybe: There's always the possibility I will have to retract in a little while though what could I possibly say about the demise of "L&O," a show that has been part of our lives nineteen years (and mine, twenty-one...another story.)

The problem for "L&O," and any hour at NBC this fall, is the simple fact that "The Jay Leno Show" will absorb fully one-third of the primetime weeknight lineup...More Jay means less of everything else. NBC can say they're adding shows like "Medium" mid-season, but where will the show go - particularly if everything else is working. That - of course - is the point: Everything else won't be working, which is why you have mid-season shows in your back pocket.
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Aaron From OHWC
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