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Posted: 11/08/10 08:09 PM
Author: striver
Location: USA
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How to convert MKV to AVI and add subtitle to MKV?
Why convert [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]MKV to AVI[/url]?

You may fail in importing your download MKV videos or HD movies to some hard devices like Xbox 360, or may occasionally have such experience of failing in the playback of MKV files on your gadgets PSP for example.

For MKV files get a fatal shortcoming: can't be played in most of hard devices (PSP, Xbox 360 for example) and some players, you have to [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]convert mkv to AVI[/url] for the AVI format has the vast support of hard devices such as Blackberry, PSP, Xbox 360, Game Hardware, Sandisk Sansa, Archos and Creative Zen, etc.
How to [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]convert MKV to AVI free[/url] and add subtitle to MKV

Aiming to achieve this, you need a [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]MKV to AVI converter free[/url] to help you; it not only can [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]convert from MKV to AVI[/url], but also need have the function of adding subtitle to MKV files. Luckily, there is [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]free MKV Converter[/url]which can exactly fix the problems.

Here, the steps down will show you [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]how to convert MKV to AVI[/url] and add subtitle to MKV:

Download [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]free MKV to avi Converter[/url]> >

Note: If you have a Mac, you can get MKV Video Converter for Mac to achieve the task.

1. Select "Add" button to load the [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]convert MKV files[/url], in a minute your MKV files will be listed on the main panel.

[url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]convert mkv avi[/url]

2. Click the "Profile" drop-down button to choose the output formats - AVI; Click the "Output" button to find the destination folder for output file.

[url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]MKV to AVI[/url] - profile

3. Besides, you can add your subtitle to the MKV files. Go to "Edit", you will find a "Plug-in Subtitle" option. Just check "enable the plug-in subtitle", and then you are allowed to browse your computer and add subtitles. The supported subtitle files are .srt, .ass, .ssa.

Tip: For adding subtitle to MKV, you need make sure you have a separated subtitle file.

4. Click the "Start" button to begin the conversion.

This is the easiest way to [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]convert MKV to AVI[/url]with [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]free MKV converter[/url] and add subtitle to MKV. Now just enjoy your MKV videos on any portable devices like PSP, Zune, and Blackberry etc.

There is demo software with full functions without limits and software to try out with a watermark, Think of it as a test run to whet your appetite. Just download [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]MKV to AVI Converter[/url] for free now! (Note, the [url=http://www.hd-dvd-ripper.net/resourse/MKV-to-AVI-Converter.html]MKV to AVI Converter[/url] is also known as iSkysoft Video Converter)

Aaron From OHWC
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