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Posted: 11/17/10 04:50 AM
Author: dvdbest
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Entourage DVD
I love [url=http://www.dvdbestonline.com/showc.aspx?id=523]Entourage DVD[/url] , with each season it gets better and better, its a bunch of characters you fall in love with, especially Ari, Jeremy Piven is a genius, just wish he was'nt so hard on poor Lloyd. I've watched its since its start, I always wait for the [url=http://www.dvdbestonline.com/showc.aspx?id=523]Entourage DVD[/url] release, then I have an Entourage couple of days, even though you could watch the lot in one go their that short, wish they'd make the season longer, episode length feels just right, punchy and to the point! Roll on season 7!

Posted: 11/20/10 01:10 AM
Author: micaljection
Location: america
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Entourage DVD
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