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Posted: 11/19/10 12:12 AM
Author: merrychen
Location: paris
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final episode of True Blood

Secondly, the third season final episode of True Blood, Eric Northman finally revealed the great plan of His Majesty deserved the flame-broil on the eve of the sun. Unfortunately, the plan has one or two blocks. First of all, Sookie almost out of blood, which have been drained, and Russell and Eric so they can enjoy the sun, and, second, that enjoy the light of day, Eric will suffer the same fate as flame grilled, as King. Eric requirement, finally, after sacrificing his life to avenge his family (a positive 2000 years younger than Russell, he virtually guaranteed toast), at first glance seems a bit??s too valuable to our favorite sheriff. However, over the past three years, Eric has become much less abrasive and in some cases, the gentle nature and his determination to save Sookie and Pam is plenty of evidence that progression. Much of this episode belongs to Alexander Skarsgard. Always exceptional, the intense reaction of the first steps of Eric in the light of day was just extraordinary. Added to the great moments between him and Pam sweet, and a myriad of other buttons, the flesh and blood down as one of the best hours of Skarsgard. All we can do is pray to the gods thatTrue Bloodis not really going anywhere.

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