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Posted: 11/25/10 01:35 AM
Author: Alenliao
Location: USA
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From the first episode that i start enjoying Ghost Whisperer.
"""I knew from the first Ghost Whisperer DVD episode that i was going to enjoy this series. I couldnt help but see some similarities to a horror movie or two that she's done in the past. In one episode her house starts flipping out and she gets her caught in the garbage disposal (it has to be cut by her husband) happened to Sarah Michelle Gellar in I Know What You Did Last Summer and a The Simpsons DVD couple other slight things that i noticed (reminded of those movies). Love the fact that she's playing a character like this with a deep and strong devotion to helping those out there with her gift. She does it well considering most folks dont know about her gift besides the people that she's helped, her Two and a Half Men DVD husband, her best friend/partner at her antique shop and her mom. The only thing i didnt like was the way it ended for one of the characters in the show...i dont want to give away things for those that havent seen it yet. But it left me with some questions and hope they get answered in the 2nd season. Overall an excellent TV show with Lost DVD a pretty good message but its about to get ramped a notch for Melinda in the 2nd season as the evil spirits start gunning for her at a higher rate. I only hope she's able to deal with them and hopefully get some help on the ghost front as well from new characters or something...Great story, actors and message makes for an excellent TV show. I hope its around for years to come. Also a fan of Medium, Supernatural and the like. But Supernatural DVD this is different from those. ""

Aaron From OHWC
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