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Posted: 04/18/06 12:24 PM
Author: bluefooeyes
Location: USA
Posts: 13


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pringles commercial
a cover of the song Everlasting Love is playing during this commercial (there's a girl eating pringles and patterns of chips floating around, kind of a 70's style trippy commercial). anyways, who is performing this cover?

Posted: 08/31/06 04:41 AM
Author: nidan
Location: UK
Posts: 1


pringles commercial
'Everlasting Love' by Carl Carlton

I think - this is only what I have heard from another forum.

I am off to check it out to see if i can get it for my Girlfriend for her birthday - she loves this version and she always dances to it!!!
Posted: 04/22/07 05:04 PM
Author: adman
Location: USA
Posts: 15


pringles commercial
that's a great song but i'm not looking
for that one i'm looking for the one with
the mini cooper.I know the name of it
but i only found the original. I'm looking
for that exact one.
Posted: 05/06/07 07:25 PM
Author: racer
Location: alabama
Posts: 228


pringles commercial
This response is to adman. There's a Pringles Minis ad which uses the song "Small is Tremendous" by Zoe Lewis. I thought with it being a Minis ad that it may have used a mini cooper.

Aaron From OHWC
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