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Posted: 08/17/06 04:00 PM
Author: arrow-minded
Location: NYC
Posts: 1


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Old-ish car commercial
Sorta old (like maybe a year or so...) car commercial featuring a song with lyrics 'i'm fifteen for a minute' and (later on in the song) 'she looks better than ever'.

any takers?

can't really remember what car company it was for, but i seem to remember that it was oldsmobile or gm or something more stodgy than hip. pretty commercial making the case for sticking with one car company throughout life...

has been bugging me forever and i can't sing worth a lick, so no luck humming it for friends either.

Posted: 08/17/06 11:57 PM
Author: tyler90012
Location: USA
Posts: 1


Old-ish car commercial
It's called 100 Years by Five for Fighting.

Aaron From OHWC
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